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High Definition Sound Clips
Below you'll find downloadable hi-def 24-bit sound clips. These should give you a good idea of the sound we achieve.
J. Moir & Elijah Pratt - "Take You Home" | Improv - "Really Real" | Audible Abilities - "Night Life" | Josh Harris - "Incinerate"

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Who's in the studio?

Unfortunately, there are literally too many to list. We've recorded nearly every flavor of Hip-Hop you can imagine. Groups coming from all corners of the square state and some from outside of it. Here's a few of the bigger names.
National Artists
Kurtis Blow Craig G Black Pegasus Dirtball Big B 2Mex AMB
Michelob Spice 1 Eternal Miscellaneous

lord Infamous
of Three 6 Mafia

FrayserBoy Mr Kneeel
Frayser Boy Frayser Boy Frayser Boy 1 1 Frayser Boy Frayser Boy

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Our People

Improv Flip G No Picture No Picture

Jared "Improv" Collett
CEO and Manager

With over a decade of award-winning, nation-wide production and engineering under his belt, Improv's goal of 'being a part of great music' has been accomplished. Mentoring young, hungry producers on the same journey, The One Room operates rich in Improv's influence.

Flip G.
Lead Engineer

Hungry to create groundbreaking art, Flip has been growing at The One Room under Improv's wing as his protege. With years of musical experience ranging from rap to rock, Flip is quickly making a name for himself as a successful music artist, visual artist and producer.

Danny Maurer

As a drummer and a live sound & recording engineer, Danny has a passion for music and sound that is unstoppable. He is attending classes at CU Denver for recording and music business and has aspirations to one day work for Skywalker Sound. We feel fortunate to share in Danny's relentless energy.

Sean Grant

Picking up the guitar as a young child and being drawn to music his entire life, Sean is the type of person that was simply born to make great music. Graduating from the Musician's Institute in Hollywood, CA and making his way back to Colorado, Sean is set to make his mark with music, as both an amazing music artist and producer.

Affiliated Producers

With The One Room no longer offering production and still so many clients asking for it, we thought we'd put together an affiliate page of some of the finest hip-hop producers we know. Feel free to contact them via e-mail and check out their beats online via their web links. Support Good Music!

G1 Radium J. Moir Hindsight Doctor Oscify Sono Fuse-One Mr. Bostic
Radium J. Moir J. Moir Doctor Oscify Fuse-one
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