The One Room Studio
Terms and Conditions

  • Deposits
    • All clients must pay a deposit of 25% of their time reserved to book at The One Room.
      • Ex: 3 hours at $30/hr = $90 total, 25% of $90 = $22.50
    • Deposit redemption
      • Provided the client cancels their session no less than 24 hours from the booked time of the session, they have the right to redeem their deposit or put it toward their next session.
      • If a client cancels without giving a 24 hour (or more) notice or does not show up to their session, the deposit will belong to The One Room for reserving the allotted studio time.
      • Furthermore, if a client decides at the time of their session that they only need 2 hours instead of 3, the portion of the deposit for the 3rd hour will be kept (Ex. in this case$7.50) and not credited toward their balance for the session.
  • Tardiness
    • Any time a client is late to their session up to 30 minutes, that time will come out of their paid recording time. (Ex. A client has booked a session for 2 hours, the client is 15 minutes late, the client will then have 1 hour and 45 minutes left of their 2 hour session)
    • 30 minutes late is considered a no call no show, the session will be canceled and the deposit will belong to The One Room for reserving the allotted studio time.
  • Payment Policy
    • Clients are required to pay the remaining balance of their booked studio time up front before their session starts (Ex. A two hour session would cost $60 with a $15 deposit, since the artist paid the $15 deposit when the session was booked the remaining balance would be $45, $45 would need to be paid in order to begin the two hour session)
    • If at any point, for whatever reason, payment is owed to The One Room by a client, the client will be required to pay the balance in full before they are allowed to book future time.

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