Studio Time

We want to be a part of some of the greatest music Colorado has to offer -- doing everything in our power to make the recording experience both comfortable and rich in creativity. We offer a sound that is incredible and experience that is invaluable. Specializing in hip-hop, vocal, singer-songwriter, acoustic guitar, and voiceover recording, we truly believe we are Colorado's best kept secret hip-hop and vocal recording studio.

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Equipment: Mac Pro, Cubase 4, Motu Ultralite, Audio Technica AT4033a Condenser Microphone, ART Pro Channel Preamp,
M-Audio BX8 Studio Monitors, Kontrol 49 Midi Controller, Presonus Fader Port, Soundproof Booth.


Pristine quality and clarity is something we strive for in everything we do.
During the last 10 years of perfecting and molding one solitary vocal chain, we have achieved a very high level of vocal quality, and it glimmers on our Voice-Over work!

Experience superb vocal recording quality in a comfortable, relaxed, and pressure-free environment.

Mixing and Mastering

In every piece of music we are a part of, quality and clarity is paramount. We offer you a way to achieve this amazing sound, even if you didn't record your tracks with us or live far away, we do this through mastering.



Our mission is to create and help create great music. With our network of affiliated producers we can direct you to the exact production you need, whether it's beats for a new album, background music for a website, original music for a film, etc. Take a minute to get to know some of our affiliate producers and listen to their work.

Affiliated Producers

Audio Restoration and Conversion

Have old cassette tapes or vinyl records that need converted? Would you like them to sound better than they do now? Clean and crisp, without crackles or pops, hum or white noise? This may sound like it's not possible, but it is! Our engineers work magic like this every day, and for a minimal fee. For more details give us a call.

Career Development and Consultation

Playing a pivotal roll in an artist's personal and professional development yields rewards that outweigh most others. This is a service The One Room has unofficially offered since it's inception, in and out of the studio, before and after sessions. We're now ready to offer this kind of service professionally. With over 10 years in the industry and connections stretching to each wall of the square state, The One Room can help guide your career, target your goals, and sharpen your talents, all to help you get where you need to go as soon as possible.


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